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Name:Fact Finding
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Answers for what you need to know, want to know and would help you to know.
Need to know something, be it for creative purposes or personal curiosity? You have probably found the right place: [community profile] factfinding is where to go when Google fails you.1

Inspired by, but not affiliated with [ profile] little_details, this community works the same way. While we have a fiction-writer bent (not specifically a fanfiction writer's bent, so please do not assume anyone's work has a "fandom" or "canon" to go with it), questions for other purposes are also welcome so long as you mind the disclaimer1.

1. Don't be an asshat. Use proper netiquette, no trolls, no flamewars etc. If you don't understand this rule you are in the wrong place. Using any sort of slurs, harassment, spamming and any other of these sorts of behaviors can and will get you banned.

2. Any NSFW content really needs to be behind a cut. People browse at work!

3. If you are not completely sure that what you are saying is accurate information, please either a) say that you are speculating or b) say nothing. Only cite accurate sources (Wikipedia is not always an accurate source). If you are your own source, explaining how you learned whatever information you are giving adds to your credibility. Anecdata is not an accurace source either.

4. Try to research it yourself before coming to ask! If the right answer is the first result for a very easy search term on Google, the response you are likely to get from a member is something along the lines of, "Why didn't you google it?" [community profile] factfinding is a second-tier resource.


There is no strict posting format per se, but we would appreciate if you used a clear subject line that easily identifies what you're asking ("types of hats in the 1800s" if you are asking about 1800s hats, for example), includes what research you have already attempted to do (so no one refers you to someplace you have already been that didn't help you at all), and any relevant background information to your question. Generally as far as fiction is concerned, information about the universe is extremely relevant. Alternate histories, fantasy universes, places that are extremely futuristic etc. may have different possible answers to questions. Things like powering a lightbulb could and in many cases would work differently, so why wouldn't more complicated things?

If you want to post to [community profile] factfinding and do not have a Dreamwidth account, [site community profile] dw_codesharing should be able to hook you up.

Your current moderators are [personal profile] delight and [personal profile] nacbrie. Thanks to [personal profile] melannen for coming up with the idea!

1 Required disclaimer: members do not provide actual professional advice for real people; while medically experienced members may give advice for the health and wellness (or un-wellness, as it may be) of fictional people, this information is based out of one person's own experiences and insights. If you need actual medical help, please ask your healthcare provider. If you need other sorts of actual professional help, please ask an associated professional (not in this community, even if that professional may be here). This is an informational community and serves for only that purpose. Answers to questions for straight-up medical information will most likely be answered.
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